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Regarding the newest nuzlocke update...there is a reason why Cheddar wasn't able to escape from that last attack.…
I wonder if anyone noticed.
The last week's been...interesting (both in good and bad). Despite of all kinds of things I've had to deal with, I'm happy to tell you that YTWC's Black part 35 is coming together little by little. Just wait little more!
Just some heads up: I might be a bit inactive on this account for now, but I'm still working on stuff. It just takes some time and I got other things to do, too (for example, Storm Rider). Also, I'm hopig you guys are having a great spring wherever you are!
A quick Q&A I made up, some of the questions are based on comments I've gotten. This is just to clear up certain things for some people. Or basically just me repeating myself for 257th time because enough people are not paying any attention to what I've been saying for a long time.

Q: "Is YTWC's Black ending soon?"
A: Yes...and no. The story of this particular comic series is near to it's end, but making the updates takes me so long that it's not going to end during 2017.
If everything goes according to my plans, after part 35 there is seven main updates left (by "main update" I mean updates with title "YTWC's Black [insert the number]). Note that this is only main updates: there are some in-between updates and specials coming, including the epilogue.
Also I have four video updates planned, two of them being main updates.

Q: "So the story ends when YTWC's Black ends?"
A: No. This is something I've been saying for years: YTWC's story is divided into three parts. The first was YTWC's Nuzlocke, and the second is YTWC's Black. The third part IS coming after YTWC's Black ends, but it's not a nuzlocke because the story doesn't need that. The third and final story will give a some sort of conclusion to everything that is left after YTWC's Black, but YTWC's won't be the main character anymore.

Q: "So what's after all this?"
A: For those who are only interested in my Pokémon-based stories, there's good news for you: I'm planning to start making a comic out of a Pokémon story I've been developing since I was ten. I've already made two short comics based on this story: The Exceptional Bond and The Brave and Valiant. This story is about a Croconaw.
And if you're interested in my other stuff...just go here: :icondoragon-ya: Warning, there's a lot bats there

Alright...YTWC's Black part 35 should come out next week. Now excuse me, I need to paint a one page for it.
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-is from Finland and the first language is Finnish-

Do you like my art? Leave a comment! Interest in something art related? (commission/request/art trade etc.) Feel free to ask!



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jokujann Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Moi :D
PitchBlackEspresso Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, i found this video on youtube which has one of your old pmd pictures as a background (i recognized it right away)…
make of this knowledge whatever you wish /rollout
Yamashita-akaDoragon Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017   Traditional Artist
The link isn't working but I'm sure I know what video it is, I've seen it before. It bothers me a bit because iirc they didn't put a link back to my work and just credited me as a DeviantArt artist but meh, it's no big deal.
PitchBlackEspresso Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
whoops, well here it is if you're still curious…
i don't think it's the one you have in mind because they don't actually credit you at all, but it's not a really big video anyway (just a music video with one of your pmd2 pics as background). crediting artists is something youtube still has to learn 
Yamashita-akaDoragon Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017   Traditional Artist
Yeah this wasn't the one I was thinking but was using the same work. Funnily enough, I've redrew that thing two times so they both went with (imo) the worst version :'P
For some people such a concept as 1) ask permission from the artist 2) give artist proper credit for their art being used is just too hard to understand *shrug*
skygal333 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hi!  Not sure if we're still up for the trade but decided to let you know.
I'll have internet access a little after 6 PM (UTC time).  I'll be around for an hour & a half before I need to catch the bus & do homework.  
I'll be using my Moon version, my character's name is Indigo.  

Thanks for reading!
Yamashita-akaDoragon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017   Traditional Artist
Yeah I'll be around then! Thanks for letting me know, I'll do the preparations (transfer the Eevee to gen 7 and all) before that.
I'm also playing Moon, trainer's Ana with Team Skull tank, can't miss.
skygal333 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm really sorry I missed the time to meet up!
It's a long story but I ended up having to go to the doctor instead.  I'm fine now!  Still, I feel guilty for leaving you like that.  
Yamashita-akaDoragon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017   Traditional Artist
Well, good to know why you didn't appear. I waited you nearly two hours after all. Glad to hear you're okay as well.
If you still want the Eevee, we can also try something different: you can put a Yungoos or something like that to GTS asking for level 10-20 male Eevee. Name the Pokémon something I can recognize/tell me about it and I will go, find it and trade my Eevee for it.

Oooor we can wait for another occasion when you have Wi-Fi access and try meet up again, your choice.
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DavisTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello I'm making a Nuzlocke Group Photo and was wondering if I could use your character, all I need is your reference...
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